Meets Fourth Thursday of the Month | Location: GMNC Zoom Virtual Meeting| * Meets Next: April 28, 2022


The Housing & Development Committee (HDC) advocates for affordable housing in the Greater Mattapan area by monitoring the development and preservation of housing stock in our community, and by working to ensure that development projects are guided by public participation and an inclusive community process. For more information or to contact the committee chair, please send an email to hsg.gmnc@gmail.com.

Agenda/Docs (Committee Chairs: Wesley Williams, Fatima Ali-Salaam)
Presenters: Studio Luz Architects , represented by a designer
Dariela Villon-Maga, DVM Consulting Developer for 1015 – 1019 Blue Hill Ave, 1028 – 1044 Blue Hill Ave, 1039 Blue Hill Ave 6 Fabyan St
Documents: shown at meeting uploaded afterwards