Environmental, Parks & Energy (EPEC)

Meets Second Monday of the Month | Location: GMNC Zoom Virtual Meetings | Meets Next: September 14th, 6:30 PM – 8 PM

The Environment, Parks & Energy Committee (EPEC): works to promote and protect open space throughout, raise awareness of green issues in Greater Mattapan and advises on neighborhood energy issues. For more information or to contact the committee chair, please send an email to epec.gmnc@gmail.com.

The GMNC supports adopting neighborhood development standards that are “measurable standards that collectively identify whether a development or proposed development of two buildings or more can be deemed environmentally superior,considering the development’s location and access, its internal pattern and design, and its use of green technology and building techniques. These standards include prerequisites (required as a baseline for sustainable neighborhood development) and credits (additional best practice standards for sustainable neighborhood development).” LEED-ND Standards

GMNC – EPEC Agenda9/14/2020
GMNC – EPEC Agenda3/10/2020
GMNC – EPEC Agenda 2/10/2020
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