On November 5th, Boston residents will vote for their District and the At-Large City Councilors. For residents of District 5, it will be the first-time in a decade that there is not an incumbent running for this seat. It is an important seat. The District 5 seat represents a significant part of a neighborhood with the single-highest representation of people of African descent in the city (77%) – Mattapan; 67.3% of households in Mattapan are families (BPDA).

Greater Mattapan residents MUST vote on Tuesday, November 5th. Please do NOT let someone else decide who will determine the local laws and budget which govern our city – our neighborhood. Who makes all the decisions about your public schools, zoning laws, police funding, priorities of law enforcement and much more that affects you directly – locally elected politicians.

District 4 Candidates

District 5 Candidates

At-Large Candidates

Michael Flaherty | Althea Garrison | Annissa Essaibi George | David Halbert | Julia Mejia | Erin J Murphy | Alejandra Nicole St Guillen | Michelle Wu