Cummins Hwy Project Update

Public Works has provided all the meeting materials on the Cummins Highway project web page.  These materials are now available under the Project Information tab, and that the online survey is available to be taken.  When you have an opportunity, please review the materials and complete the survey. 

For the residents who would like to submit the survey via mail, we’ve provided an electronic copy that you can download and print at home (see below).  Once again, the Public Works Dept (PWD) wants to hear from you and these surveys will play a large part in guiding the decision making process.  The deadline to submit the survey, online or by mail is Tuesday, November 19, 2019.  Please share this information with your neighbors, friends, and family, if they would like to be involved in this process.
For your convenience, please CLICK HERE to be linked to the online survey.  To be forwarded to the Cummins Highway project web page, please CLICK HERE.  Please forward any questions or concerns to