MBTA Board Meeting

On Tuesday, October 24, the MBTA Board met to discuss issues which directly affect Greater Mattapan residents. The list below are the video times where there are important updates that are very significant as they will overlap with PLAN: Mattapan and Blue Hill Avenue TAP. Example, did you know that the MBTA intends the routes 22 and 28 at Roxbury Crossing and go onto Kenmore station and then the Longwood Medical Area, instead of going onto Ruggles Station? If you are a current routes 22 or 28 bus rider, please let the MBTA know what this kind of change will do to your commute to school, work, or just getting around Boston. Please email all comments or concerns to the betterbusproject@mbta.com https://livestream.com/accounts/20617794/events/10972449/videos/238159742

57:40 – 1:18:15 : GM & CEO, MBTA, Phil Eng on the GLX track updates

1:27:20 – 1:32:16 GM & CEO Phil Eng on Lynn temporary CR platform

1:35:30 – 1:37:35– GM & CEO MBTA Eng on bus driver hiring 

1:57:40 – 1:59:16 : GM & CEO Phil Eng comments on buses in general

2:18:30 – 2:25:04 : Mela Miles from T Riders Union public comment, with focus on bus network redesign concerns about 22 and 28; they surveyed riders; many riders shocked to learn that it will not be ending at Ruggles, but rather going to Kenmore station and onto the Longwood Medical Area (LMA). The diversion causing a missed connection for the commuter rail to Providence as well as access for students travelling to Northeastern University.

2:40:00 – 2:43:50 : Justin Antos, Sr. Director of Bus Transformation, MBTA Bus Priority Vision, major bus priority projects Columbus Phase II and Blue Hill Ave. The MBTA is targeting 2025 to break ground on Blue Hill Ave.

2:43:50 – 2:52:05 : Heated Board questions on 22 and 28 issue of not continuing to Ruggles Station

2:52:05 – 2:55:06 : Tom McGee, MBTA Board member, question on why regional rail not overlaid on bus network redesign

2:55:06 – 3:01:45 : Justin Antos on Bus Network Redesign + Board questions