Dear Students,

As you may know, Boston will have the honor of hosting this year’s National NAACP Convention at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in July 2023.

Today, March 12th, there is Zoom virtual session to introduce you to the ACT-SO Program.  You may register here:

In preparation, the NAACP Boston Chapter is inviting high school students an opportunity to become involved in the ACT-SO competitions.  You may have started an Arts project (visual, performance), a STEM project (chemistry, biology, mathematics, architecture, engineering, etc.) or Humanities (music composition, humanities, short story, poetry); or maybe you have a business plan that you want to have it evaluated by our own “shark tank”; it can all begin here at ACT-SO. You will receive the mentoring and support you need to showcase your talents amongst your peers.

ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics) is an achievement program designed to recruit, stimulate, and encourage high academic and cultural achievement for high schools’ students of African descent. For those who may compete, it is an opportunity to compete at the National competition at which you can receive scholarships and other rewards provided by national sponsors.

We are excited to host this year’s National ACT-SO competition in Boston, which will bring students from all fifty states to compete in one of 32 disciplines in the categories of STEM, Humanities, Business, Performing, and Visual Arts. Please view a recent video of participants in these amazing demonstrations of excellence. As one past participant eloquently states: “… ACT-SO is unique … unlike other competitions, students are collaborating with each other and cheering for each other … there is a spirit of camaraderie … that is what community is …”

NAACP Boston ACT-SO Committee