The physical resilience of a neighborhood requires both public and private investments. Greater Mattapan residents must gain a better understanding of how our city’s budget allocation of monetary resources are disbursed. Every year when a budget is presented we should be requesting from our city councilors that line items be specifically allocated for physical improvements of our public infrastructure in our neighborhood. The Ways & Means Committee is where it begins.

I. Presentation: Tania Fernandes Anderson, Chair Ways & Means Committee, Boston City Council | The Ways & Means Committee oversees five (5) groups: Assessing Dept, Auditing Dept, Budget Management, Boston Finance Commission (FinComm) and the Treasury Dept. Discussion on how residents can advocate for targeted financing in our neighborhood beyond what non-residents ask for; building resiliency through persistent targeted advocacy.

II. GMNC Committee Reports
• GMNC Board Vote on Ratification of Revised By-Laws
• Public Services Committee: Matthew Skelly, Chad Fletcher
• Zoning Committee: Fatima Ali-Salaam, Matthew Skelly
• Housing & Development Committee: Wes Williams, Azan Reid
• Parks, Environment & Energy Committee: Meshell Whyte, Fatima Ali-Salaam
• BPS Committee: Cisco Fernandes, Meshell Whyte (New Committee)
• Economic Development Committee: David Halbert, Neldine Alexander (New Committee)

III. Community Updates
IV. City & Elected Officials Updates