The Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) project tracker is now available online. With the creation of the online tool, this fulfills the requirements set forth in Mayor Walsh’s Executive Order Relative to the Zoning Board of Appeal. This new tool will increase access to information related to proposed projects seeking relief from the Zoning Board of Appeal. The tracker is designed for anyone to quickly search for a specific appeal that has been submitted to the ZBA, or to search for appeals based on criteria such as location or applicant, in order to identify the status of the appeal.

The ZBA Tracker will allow viewers to use an interactive map to view projects seeking relief by clicking on the neighborhood in question on the map or by typing in the address which provides the following additional details for each proposed project:

  • The status of the appeal
  • Community process
  • Date and location of an appeal application
  • Hearing scheduled 
  • Address of the proposed project
  • Status of project
  • Deferral date
  • Hearing result
  • Application numbers
  • Zoning district
  • Contact information
  • Appeal type 
  • Date of submission

When proposed projects do not conform to the neighborhood’s zoning code requirements and are denied, applicants can seek relief also known as a variance of the code violations by appealing the decision to the ZBA. If the Board grants relief, then the appellant is able to continue with the process of obtaining a permit.  

All permits issued after January 1, 2021 will display a QR Code which will allow passersby to access detailed information of the property in question on their smartphone.