As we have been living with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that all Greater Mattapan (GM) residents remain civically engaged; for if we do not, we will let non-residents decide what we are going to live with.   If you want a neighborhood that is reflective of current GM residents needs, complete surveys, attend city-led virtual meetings, and community meetings, complete the Census and VOTE.

Every vote counts.  A seat in the Boston At-Large City Councilor race was decided by one vote. 

The design of Cummins Highway, Franklin Park, and Blue Hill Avenue is being decided by a small group of individuals,  simply because surveys are not being completed by GM residents. 

Examples – 

(a) Department of Neighborhood Development (DND) brief survey of development ideas for B1 Parcels – as of last night, only 21 GM residents completed the survey.  The deadline to complete it is Wednesday, August 26th at 5 pm; 

(b) There is a trial road diet on Cummins Highway – what has been your experience with it been so far?  Please, complete the survey to tell the City what has actually been happening.   

(c) The  census determines redistricting, which determines who represents us locally, as well as in Congress.  The District 7 seat which our U.S. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley was elected to, only exists because the 2010 Census reflected the actual number of residents living in our district.  If you want that seat to remain – get counted.  There are NO citizenship questions. 

(d) There is a primary election on September 1st, and we are fortunate to be able to either mail a ballot or vote in person.  Early voting locations across the city are open. And all registered voters can vote at any early voting location in the City, not just their usual polling location. If you do not vote, you have let someone else decide for you.  Every vote counts.  Everyone counts.  Greater Mattapan counts.  

So, TODAY, please complete the following items; if you want representation that actually reflects your desired quality of life – you have to be counted. If you need assistance in completing a survey, the census or have questions about a process, please reach out to the provided contact information or We matter!

SurveyContactDeadlineNext Meeting Date
DND B1 ParcelsJulio Pilier, Housing Development Officer ( 26th @ 5pmTBD
Early VotingPlease read for sitesAug 28
Cummins Hwy Reconstruction (English | Español | Kreyòl Ayisyen)Jeffrey Alexis, Principal Civil Engineer (
PLAN MattapanKenya Beaman, BPDA Engagement Manager for Mattapan (
U.S. Census 2020 (English | Español |Kreyòl Ayisyen | PortuguêsSept 30
Franklin Park Action Plan Survey Resultssign-up to receive updates