Below is the vote total for today’s election. All votes, paper and electronic, are accounted for. All candidates will be joining the existing Board. This vote was a poll vote, as we had under the under the number of candidates for the available seats. Congratulations to our new Board members. Please come and meet them at our next GMNC Monthly Meeting, March 2, 2020. Our agenda may be read here.

Ballot #Gary, JoyGray, MachelHalbert, DavidJean-Charles, NikkiaKing, William
Joy Gary – a lifelong Boston resident who whose roots extend in Roxbury, Dorchester, and throughout the Greater Mattapan district. From grassroots to beltway she is passionate about community, food justice, and regenerative development. She has spent her career at the intersection of these values. After studying culinary management she dedicated her time to supporting regenerative systems development, food justice, and education through urban agriculture projects. Actively designing and building gardens for and teaching growing skills to residents in and around Boston.
Joy has long been interested in creating opportunities for residents to create community sufficiency, build entrepreneurial capacity and economic resiliency, and cultivate health and healing in the lives of people who are seeking change. She intends to bring her passion along with skills and experience to the GMNC to see strategic change that is led by the community and is for the community.
Machel Gray – is originally from Tobago, the sister island to Trinidad. He migrated to Boston, MA in 1996 and has been working as a UPS driver for 13 years. He is married and has 2 daughters. He has been a resident of Mattapan since 2014. In his spare time, he is a DJ, playing all genres of music and spending time with my family and friends.
David Halbert – lives with his family in Dorchester’s Harvard Commons Development. He currently works as Outreach Manager for The Educational Justice Institute at MIT.
A longtime public servant, having worked at the city, state, county, and federal levels, David is also a former Boston City Council candidate.
David looks forward to serving as a member of the GMNC Board and using his experience in policy making, civic engagement and government to continue our community’s growth & increase our voice in important quality of life decisions.
Nikkia Jean-Charles – a 17 year old student at Cathedral High school, “Mattapan Native“. On Sundays, she either attends church at St. Angela’s (Mattapan) or St. Gregory’s Parish (Dorchester), which she is now serves at the altar. She started community organizing at 14, at the St.Stephen’s Youth Programs and B-Peace for Jorge on topics like gun violence and high quality education at both national and local levels. Through this work, she partnered up March For Our Lives Boston, an organization that works on gun violence prevention, where she is now the Director of Outreach. In 2018, she was chosen to be on the Mayor’s Youth Council; gaining experience in “finding and putting in place positive solutions through civic engagement and project management“.  She is passionate about her community and finding inclusive solutions that move us all forward. She is running because she believes that the decisions made upon our community should reflect the beliefs of all the generations and the next that live here. 
William King – is a second generation lifelong resident of Mattapan. He is a Boston Public Schools graduate and attended Quincy College for Social Sciences. He also ran for Boston City Councilor At-Large in 2017 and 2019. William is seeking to join the Greater Mattapan Neighborhood Council (GMNC) because he is passionate about helping his community and making sure we all have access to the resources we need to live a quality life.