Yesterday residents of the city of Boston voted for their City Councilors. Greater Mattapan is represented by two District seats – Districts 4 and 5, as well as four (4) At-Large seats. The results are in – District 4 will continue to be represented by Councilor Andrea Campbell; District 5 will be represented by a new City Councilor, Ricardo Arroyo. The GMNC will expect to work with both the Councilor and the Councilor-Elect.

In the At-Large seats, Michelle Wu, Annissa Essabi George and Michael Flaherty will continue to hold their elected seats; the fourth seat – there will be a recount. Julia Mejia is ten (10) votes ahead of Alejandra St. Guillen. With significantly less than 100 votes difference, St. Guillen has asked for a recount. This demonstrates that every vote counts. Your vote mattered – it made a difference. Let the recount begin.